Love -- second Sunday in Advent
joy within Love

image A couple of weeks ago, I was having morning coffee in Dallas with my cousin when our talk drew our faces near to each other. He said, "You and I grew up knowing that we were loved." Our hearts warmed with gratitude. Because of our Christian parents, my cousin, my brother, my sister and I know how to love. Love flows to our kids. My love is given to you as your Pastor and friend.

Love fills hearts to overflowing. When God comes down the stairway of heaven with His infant Son in His arms He gives the greatest Love anyone had ever known. The small group that receives the infant Son becomes awe struck with His Love. It is a transforming life experience for each one, honored to be useful to God in such a glorious way. Each Christmas we celebrate Love. Love cracks the ice of hate and hesitation. Love's light illuminates our way and gives us purpose. Love is the reason for God's gift to us. Love is what makes us Christians. You and I know how to love. Love is kind, patient, not self-seeking, encouraging, generous, thoughtful, supportive, and Love is Jesus.

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