About Your Pastor
Rev. Patricia E. Walker

image My name is Patricia Eileen Walker. I was born in Norman, Oklahoma but grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. I received the call to preach when I was a young girl as I was sitting in a regular Worship Service. There have been many preachers in my family. My grandfather had preached in the Evangelical United Brethren Church (EUB) and then transferred into the Methodist Church when it united with the EUB church; my great-grandfather was a Methodist Circuit Rider; and my great-grandmother's family was filled with preachers that can be traced back to her original people in Switzerland. At present, my brother and I were ordained in the United Methodist Church and since then, I have transferred to non-denominational status in order to Pastor this Church. We're carrying on the tradition.

After graduation from High School I went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. 42 years ago, while attending SMU, I was the first woman to be licensed to Preach in the New Mexico Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMC). 23 years ago, during my seminary years at Denver University, Iliff School of Theology, I was ordained a Deacon. Upon graduation in 1993, I received my Master of Divinity degree, and accepted the Lord's call to return to New Mexico as a Pastor. I was ordained an UMC Elder and the church I was pastoring was honored to be given the Evangelism Award of Excellence.

While a church pastor, I attended a preaching conference at SMU where the Lord planted the idea for an internet church into my heart and mind in 1998. Shortly after that, the Alpha church governing board was formed. My daughter Jessica, was inspired to give the church a "cool name", emphasizing our focus on Jesus Christ- the originator of our faith and the source (Alpha) of our salvation. Our church was founded as non-denominational, and two paraplegic young men gave us feedback as to what appealed to them spiritually, visually, and logistically. Shortly after we started Alpha Church we discovered that the internet was an excellent way to draw in people who could not get to "regular" church. As we expected, our church also appealed to those who were computer savvy.

Presently, Alpha Church has members and participants from almost every country around the world. Most of our participants have their own computers, some access Alpha Church in internet café's; usually a friend or family member brings someone new into our church, and both participants and donors contribute tithes or offerings to help with the church's operating expenses. We are not sponsored or supported by any group; we are an independent non-denominational nonprofit church organization. Our only income is from your contributions. If you are not already helping, I ask for your support. Our vision for the future of Alpha Church includes more community participation, visual Biblical development, and continuing our Scriptural foundation and Christ-focus for spiritual growth.

My friend, if you are not a member already I invite you to make Alpha Church your home church as the Lord's blessings continue in your life.

Patty, your pastor

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