Receive Holy Communion
Where Christ is the Host.

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Take Holy Communion and be Commended To God

Paul's friends in Ephesus have gathered to see him off. He's touched by the depth of their emotions as they say goodbye. They pray for his journey as his, and their, foremost intent is to spread the Good News of Jesus Resurrected. Paul feels that God is calling him to Jerusalem and saying goodbye to these wonderful friends is terribly difficult. He has never liked the word 'goodbye' and he hesitates to use it even now. So he gives them something better than 'goodbye'. Paul tenderly and personally tells them that he releases them into the fullness of God's loving care, "And now I commend you to God." (Acts 20:32)

Commend is a powerful act of trust. We remember that just moments before Jesus breathed His last breath He released all of Himself to God. He placed His fullest trust in God. In those last secondsof life He prayed, "Father, into Your hands I commend My spirit." (Luke 23:46) Just as He had done throughout His life He once again entrusts His life fully to God. Jesus shows us how. When you entrust your life to God there is an inner peace that floods your soul.

An old church hymn named, 'Trust and Obey' says: But we never can prove the delights of His love, until all on the altar we lay, for the favor He shows, for the joy He bestows, are for them who will trust and obey. His altar is where a candle is lit and the Light of Christ shines before us. His altar is where our Bible lays because the holiness of those words bring us to Jesus. His altar is anywhere we bow our head and say a prayer when we commune with God. His altar is within your heart each time you take Holy Communion, Jesus' body and blood instilling His holiness within you.

Come to Holy Communion now. Bring something with you to the Holy Communion service which can be used for Communion elements: a small glass of water and a piece of bread; an amount of soda and a piece of tortilla; or some grape juice and a cracker. Your combination of elements is what is available to you right now. Get them now and then begin the service of Holy Communion by clicking on any of the three Holy Communion Services below. Christ will sanctify the elements you bring with you during the service. Christ is the Host.

Come to Holy Communion often and commune with Christ your Savior and Lord. Entrust your life to God as I am commending you to God for your unique life journey with our loving Lord Jesus. Rev. Walker+
Equipped as a servant for the Lord.

Enlivened by Holy Spirit
for Christian living.

Blessed to be a
blessing to others.