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We want you to apply to become a member of Alpha Church! With your membership you will belong to this worldwide community of enthusiastic believers in Jesus Christ our Risen Lord. You are invited to join with us in loving Jesus and giving our lives to Him in compassionate service to others. Become a part of this kind community of Christians who are living the abundant life in Christ.

We are people of Prayer! When we join together in prayer we are strengthened in Christ, the Holy Spirit blesses our humble words, and the burden of worry lifts. Jesus says: Where two or three are gathered in my Name there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20 WE claim His promise and enjoy holy conversation with our Lord.

We are Bible based believers in the Holy Spirit's power within our hearts and in our world! Scripture tells us that prayer opens our hearts to the Holy Spirit's activity: ... and the believers in Christ were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the Word of God with boldness. Acts 4:31 We live boldly for Christ giving merciful compassion, overflowing kindness, and practice great patience as others may come to see Christ through us.

We humbly speak and listen to Christ by using Scripture, Christian tradition, holy experiences, and reasoning things out. We count on the Lord's guidance for us and we trust Him. Prayer also makes us avaliable to speak about Christ as healer and One who gives New Birth. Jesus said: Unless one is Born Anew he/she cannot see the Kingdom of God. John 3:3 Jesus is our Savior, the Lord of our lives, and the Source (Alpha) of our faith.

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